Whole House Carpet Cleaning CA$H Special

SAVE BIG with Our 5 room $199.00 (CA$H) Carpet Cleaning Introductory Special! 

Particular? Seek High Quality? You will appreciate us! Ultra Clean provides a RESIDUE FREE, Deep Restorative Carpet Cleaning that uses Safe Non-toxic Cleaning agents. Our Process pulls out Dirt, Allergens and Toxic Residues that can cause a host of respiratory issues in Children, Adults and Pets. Established in 1984

Best Carpet Cleaner in Sarasota & Manatee CO.

Back To Basics


Carpet cleaning at its best. An Eco-Friendly pre-cleaner is applied. Gentle agitation if needed followed by a chemical free hot water rinse and extraction. Carpets are left clean and bright and as residue-free as possible. Typical drying time is normally three to five hours. 

In good times or bad, everyone needs their carpet, mattresses and upholstery periodically cleaned. And not just once, but on a repeat basis. Dirt and mud gets tracked into the house. Drinks are spilled. Parties leave clutter. People and pets make messes and have bathroom accidents. It's just a normal part of life. So when life happens, Call Bill at Ultra Clean and let Me take care of these little problems for you. 941 359-8573

Clean • Protect


Look! Up the street!

It's a bird. It's a train.  It's Ultra Clean Man!

Yes, it's Ultra Clean Man - strange visitor from Sarasota who came to town with a Truck Mount and carpet cleaning abilities far beyond those of mortal men. Ultra Clean Man 

- who can extract deeply embedded soil and stains from carpets with his scrub wand, CLEAN, DEODORIZE, and PROTECT carpets from rapid resoiling, and who, disguised as a mild mannered citizen with a soft spot for animals,  fights the never ending battle for cleaner, fresher, residue-free carpets in Manatee and Sarasota Co.

For Pet Lovers


Dear Ultra Clean,

I need your help. The cat has been very bad and is going to blame it all on me. My best buddies at the Kennel Club, Ranger and Duke, say you are the doggone best carpet cleaner for pet spots and stains in all of Manatee and Sarasota Co.

The boys say you pre-treat the entire carpet, not just the spots you can see. This is a good thing because the cat is very sneaky about making messes. There just might be urine, feces, and other nasties in the carpet too. BTW, you don't test to see if those are cat or dog messes, do you? Just wondering.

I hear you've got a custom blend of enzymes and oxidizers that are specially formulated to attack (that bad cat's) urine, feces, blood,  proteins, and other organic matter trapped within the carpet. Pet soils and stains are broken down, extracted,  and rinsed clean. Ranger says his family's carpets have never smelled fresher or looked brighter.  

The humans fall for every hairball scheme the cat comes up with. Please hightail it over here right away or it's the doghouse for me.

Licks and kisses,